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Copy. Write.

A digital copywriting service in Newbury, Berkshire.

Providing you with on-brand and SEO copy for your website and blog.


  • Do you need help with your brand's tone of voice?

  • Does your website need new copy?

  • Do you want a blog but don't have time to write one?

I'm Abbie, the founder of Copy Write.

My background in journalism, marketing and public relations means I'm an expert in writing digital copy that speaks clearly to your audience. 


My passion is writing for PARENTING, LIFESTYLE and FASHION brands. However, I can, and do, write for businesses outside of these industries.

What copy do you need?

Copy for my website

Copy for new and existing websites. 

Copy for my blog

Tone of Voice


Ghostwriting  for blogs and

blog strategy packages.

Tone of voice

Tone of voice development

for your brand.


Past & Present

Contact Me

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